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Friday, March 24, 2017

Irregular Verbs....Kakobunshi....Premium Fridays

Alright now...
This week..
#1 ~ We will review a couple of the irregular verbs
#2 ~ We will continue our story about Taro and Miki...
#3 ~ We will take a look and discuss Premium Fridays
#4 ~ There will be a little bit of listening practice from the textbook mixed into the lesson
#5 ~ We will finish the Taro and Miki Story

Here are a couple notes from this week's lesson...

Now…To help you memorize … or remember the irregular verbs…
We’ll do a little practice…. 

Now again….For these we need the
#1 ~ present
#2 ~ past
#3 ~ kakobunshi
For each verb of these 12 verbs….

1.       “okiru” ~ wake up ~ woke up ~ woken up
2.       “kangaeru” ~ think ~ thought ~ thought
3.       “erabu” ~ choose ~ chose ~ chosen
4.       “taosu” ~ beat ~ beat ~ beaten
5.       “hajimaru” ~ begin ~ began ~ begun
6.       “kamu” ~ bite ~ bit ~ bitten
7.       “okane ga kakaru” ~ cost ~ cost ~ cost
8.       “ochiru” ~ fall ~ fell ~ fallen
9.       “kaze ga fuku no fuku” ~ blow ~ blew ~ blown
10.   “motte kuru” ~ bring ~ brought ~ brought
11.   “oshieru” ~ teach ~ taught ~ taught
12.   “horu” ~ dig ~ dug ~ dug

1.       What is “overtime” in Japanese?
#1 ~ “zangyou” ~ overtime
#2 ~ “hataraki sugi” ~ overwork
#3 ~ “genkai” ~ limit

Alright now…
Besides Taro’s regular 40 hours…
2.       How much overtime does he tend to work a week?
*He tends to work 20 hours
*He tends to work 20 hours of overtime
*He tends to work 20 hours of overtime a week

Sounds good…now…
Recently …
The Japanese Government has tried to limit overtime…
5.       How many hours will the government try to limit overtime to?
*It will try to limit overtime to 100 hours
*It will try to limit overtime to 100 hours a month
*They will try to limit the amount of overtime to 100 hours a month

What do you think?
6.       Is 100 hours of overtime still too much?
*Yes, it is.

Alright then…
What do you think?
7.       What SHOULD the maximum overtime be?
*It should be half
*It should be under 2 hours a day
*It should be 10 hours a week.
*It should be 1 hour a day max

Sounds good….now….
There is a 2nd problem in Japan….
If people are always working…
8.       What aren’t they doing?
*They aren’t using money
*They aren’t spending money

Sounds good….
And…If Japanese people don’t spend money…
9.       What is that bad for?
*It is bad for the economy.
*It is bad for the Japanese economy.

Alright now…
The Japanese government has a plan…
If we take a look at this news clip…
What will this announcer say…
10.   What does the government want Japanese people to do?
The government wants Japanese people to…
*It wants Japanese people to work less and spend more…
#1 ~ work less
#2 ~ spend more
        Spend more money

Sounds good…now…
One second…Another quick vocabulary check…
#1 ~ “encourage” ~ hagemasu
                                 Encourage + O + to + doushi
#2 ~ “hajimaru” x3 ~ #1 ~ begin
                                     #2 ~ Start
                                     #3 ~ Launch
#3 ~ “takameru” ~ boost

Alright now…
Taro can finally meet Miki at the Italian restaurant today because…
11.   What has the Japanese government recently launched?
*It has launched the Premium Friday
*It has launched the Premium Friday campaign
12.   What does this new campaign encourage Japanese people to do?
Encourages + O + to + doushi
*It encourages people to leave offices early
*It encourages people to leave their offices early
*it encourages people to leave work early
*It encourages people to go home early

Sounds good and…If we listen a little bit more…
13.   When can people leave the office early? 
*People can leave work early on the last Friday of the month
*People can leave work early on the last Friday of every month
*People can leave work early on the last Friday of each month

Alright and…
How about the time…
14.   What time can they leave the office? (0:07~0:08)
*They can leave the office at 3:00
*They can leave the office around 3:00

The campaign encourages people to leave their offices earlier…

Sounds good…now…
What do you think?
15.   What can people do with the extra time?
*They can drink
*They can travel
*They can see a movie
*They can do their hobbies
*They can rest

Sounds good…and…If we take a quick look…
16.   What does the government hope that people will spend more money on? (3 things)
The government hopes that people will spend more on
#1 ~ shopping
#2 ~ dining out / eating out
#3 ~ taking a trip

17.   What could the spending help boost?
*It could help the economy
*It could boost the economy
*It could help boost the economy

Alright and…If we take a look…
19.   How long has the government run this program for?
*It has run it for 1 month
*It has run it since February 24th

OK...Well...I hope you have time to study ...Good luck and see you in class....Good night....ZZZZZzzzzz.....

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