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Friday, March 24, 2017

Irregular Verbs....Kakobunshi....Premium Fridays

Alright now...
This week..
#1 ~ We will review a couple of the irregular verbs
#2 ~ We will continue our story about Taro and Miki...
#3 ~ We will take a look and discuss Premium Fridays
#4 ~ There will be a little bit of listening practice from the textbook mixed into the lesson
#5 ~ We will finish the Taro and Miki Story

Here are a couple notes from this week's lesson...

Now…To help you memorize … or remember the irregular verbs…
We’ll do a little practice…. 

Now again….For these we need the
#1 ~ present
#2 ~ past
#3 ~ kakobunshi
For each verb of these 12 verbs….

1.       “okiru” ~ wake up ~ woke up ~ woken up
2.       “kangaeru” ~ think ~ thought ~ thought
3.       “erabu” ~ choose ~ chose ~ chosen
4.       “taosu” ~ beat ~ beat ~ beaten
5.       “hajimaru” ~ begin ~ began ~ begun
6.       “kamu” ~ bite ~ bit ~ bitten
7.       “okane ga kakaru” ~ cost ~ cost ~ cost
8.       “ochiru” ~ fall ~ fell ~ fallen
9.       “kaze ga fuku no fuku” ~ blow ~ blew ~ blown
10.   “motte kuru” ~ bring ~ brought ~ brought
11.   “oshieru” ~ teach ~ taught ~ taught
12.   “horu” ~ dig ~ dug ~ dug

1.       What is “overtime” in Japanese?
#1 ~ “zangyou” ~ overtime
#2 ~ “hataraki sugi” ~ overwork
#3 ~ “genkai” ~ limit

Alright now…
Besides Taro’s regular 40 hours…
2.       How much overtime does he tend to work a week?
*He tends to work 20 hours
*He tends to work 20 hours of overtime
*He tends to work 20 hours of overtime a week

Sounds good…now…
Recently …
The Japanese Government has tried to limit overtime…
5.       How many hours will the government try to limit overtime to?
*It will try to limit overtime to 100 hours
*It will try to limit overtime to 100 hours a month
*They will try to limit the amount of overtime to 100 hours a month

What do you think?
6.       Is 100 hours of overtime still too much?
*Yes, it is.

Alright then…
What do you think?
7.       What SHOULD the maximum overtime be?
*It should be half
*It should be under 2 hours a day
*It should be 10 hours a week.
*It should be 1 hour a day max

Sounds good….now….
There is a 2nd problem in Japan….
If people are always working…
8.       What aren’t they doing?
*They aren’t using money
*They aren’t spending money

Sounds good….
And…If Japanese people don’t spend money…
9.       What is that bad for?
*It is bad for the economy.
*It is bad for the Japanese economy.

Alright now…
The Japanese government has a plan…
If we take a look at this news clip…
What will this announcer say…
10.   What does the government want Japanese people to do?
The government wants Japanese people to…
*It wants Japanese people to work less and spend more…
#1 ~ work less
#2 ~ spend more
        Spend more money

Sounds good…now…
One second…Another quick vocabulary check…
#1 ~ “encourage” ~ hagemasu
                                 Encourage + O + to + doushi
#2 ~ “hajimaru” x3 ~ #1 ~ begin
                                     #2 ~ Start
                                     #3 ~ Launch
#3 ~ “takameru” ~ boost

Alright now…
Taro can finally meet Miki at the Italian restaurant today because…
11.   What has the Japanese government recently launched?
*It has launched the Premium Friday
*It has launched the Premium Friday campaign
12.   What does this new campaign encourage Japanese people to do?
Encourages + O + to + doushi
*It encourages people to leave offices early
*It encourages people to leave their offices early
*it encourages people to leave work early
*It encourages people to go home early

Sounds good and…If we listen a little bit more…
13.   When can people leave the office early? 
*People can leave work early on the last Friday of the month
*People can leave work early on the last Friday of every month
*People can leave work early on the last Friday of each month

Alright and…
How about the time…
14.   What time can they leave the office? (0:07~0:08)
*They can leave the office at 3:00
*They can leave the office around 3:00

The campaign encourages people to leave their offices earlier…

Sounds good…now…
What do you think?
15.   What can people do with the extra time?
*They can drink
*They can travel
*They can see a movie
*They can do their hobbies
*They can rest

Sounds good…and…If we take a quick look…
16.   What does the government hope that people will spend more money on? (3 things)
The government hopes that people will spend more on
#1 ~ shopping
#2 ~ dining out / eating out
#3 ~ taking a trip

17.   What could the spending help boost?
*It could help the economy
*It could boost the economy
*It could help boost the economy

Alright and…If we take a look…
19.   How long has the government run this program for?
*It has run it for 1 month
*It has run it since February 24th

OK...Well...I hope you have time to study ...Good luck and see you in class....Good night....ZZZZZzzzzz.....

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Did you.... Have you ... Have you ever...

A number of students were having trouble with "kanryouke" and so...I decided to review it in a number of classes....

Here are a couple notes from class this week...

#1 ~ “~shimashita ka? X2” …in English, please…
                                          *Did you…
                                          *Have you….…Remember:
     “Did you”…. a finished past action or experience
     “Have you”…Please think of an action…that happens….
                             Between a time and now

#2 ~ “~shita koto ga arimasu ka?” …in English, please…
                                          *Have you ever….
                                          *Have you ever done…

Alright and...
Here are a couple of questions from this week's lesson..

1.       “Konya yushoku ni nani wo tsukurimasu ka” …in English, please…
*What will you make for dinner tonight?

Alright ….Sounds good… and…

2.      What will you make for dinner tonight?
      "Mada kangaeteinai"
#1 ~ I haven’t thought about it yet.
#2 ~ I haven’t thought about what to make yet

Sounds good or…
How about this one…?
 "Mada kimeteinai"
#23~ I haven’t decided yet

Alright …next....

3.       What is “~shita koto ga arimasu ka?” …in English, please…
*Have you ever….
*Have you ever done…

Sounds good now…for…
 “Have you ever…”

We go further back into the past...
Like… …   #1 ~ “umareta toki kara…ima made”
                    #2 ~ “jinsei…ima made”

And for this pattern, too…. you just need to add a “kakobunshi” …again…
                                  Have you ever + Kakobunshi

Alright now…
I KNOW many of you might NOT BE interested in Star Wars...but...
I think Star Wars is a good example for how to use “kanryoke” and so…
4.       When was the new movie released?
*It was released on December 16, 2016
*It was released in December
*It was released in 2016
*It was released in December 2016

“Atarashi Star Wars no eiga wo mimashita ka?”
#1 ~ Did you see the new Star Wars movie?

#2 ~ Have you seen the new Star Wars movie yet?
        Have you ever seen the new Star Wars movie? X (too new)

And…by the way…
5.       Have you seen it?
*No, I haven’t.

6.       Why didn’t you watch it?
*Because ............

OK…no problem…
Now….If we take a look at the original movie……
7.       When was it released?
*It was released in 1977
*It was released 40 years ago.

Alright now…
This movie is pretty old and so…
#1 ~ “~mita koto ga arimasu ka” …is definitely OK...

OK…so then…Question…

#1 ~ “Star Wars wo mita koto ga arimasu ka”
*Have you ever seen it?
*Have you ever seen the original Star Wars movie?

Sounds good…but…
“Mimashita ka is also OK?”
#2 ~ Did you see the original Star Wars movie?
#3 ~ Have you seen the original Star Wars movie? (maybe you watched it recently??)

Sounds good…now...all 3 patterns were OK...
#1 ~Jinsei ima made
 #2 ~ Past
#3 ~ ?? time up to now

Alright now…next question…
8.       How many Star Wars movies have there been so far?
*There have been 8 movies
*There have been 8 Star Wars movies
*There have been 8 Star Wars movies so far

9.       How many of the 8 Star Wars movies have you seen?
                 #1 ~ *I have never seen a Star Wars movie
                 #2 ~ *I have seen none of them
                 #3 ~ *I haven’t seen any of them yet
                         *I haven’t seen all of them yet.
                         *I have seen 1 Star Wars movie so far

Alright now…
Another reason to use “have” for Star Wars is…
The story is continuing…and new movies are coming soon…

10.   How has the Disney Company been getting? 
*It has been getting bigger
*It has been getting bigger and bigger

11.   What 2 big companies has Disney bought?
*Disney has bought Star Wars and Marvel

Sounds good…now…
If we take a look over here..
12.   How much did Disney buy Star Wars for?
*It bought Star Wars for 4 billion dollars

13.   How much is that in yen?

And…If we take a look…down here…at the date
14.   How long has Disney owned Star Wars for?
*Disney has owned Star Wars for 4 years
*Disney has owned Star Wars since October 30, 2012

And…If we take a look…
Since Disney bought Star Wars in 2012…
15.   How many movies have they made?
*They have made 2 movies
*They have made 2 new movies

Well there are just a couple of notes....
Hope that they help or helped....
See you in class....
Study Hard...


Friday, March 10, 2017

"Have" ...The Present Perfect worksheets....現在完了形

“~shita koto ga arimasu ka?” ~ "Have you ever" 
"Have" in grammar is the form of a verb that is used to show things that have happened in a period of time up to now. 

These sentences are all in the present perfect.(文法)現在完了形
#1 ~ "I have been to Canadian Voice" 
#2 ~ "I have never been to Nagano"
#3 ~ "I have been to Tokyo Disneyland 3 times this year"

Here are the worksheets that we will be working on ....

1.  Have you done much exercise this week?
*Yes, I have already worked out 3 days. (work out)
2.  Have you started dinner yet?
*Yes, I have cut all the vegetables already. (cut)
3.  Did you tell William about tomorrow?
*No, I haven’t
*I have tried calling him 3 times but he didn’t answer. (try)
 I sent him a line message but…
*He hasn’t checked it. (not / check)
4.  I bought 2 new comics from Heiando but…
*I haven’t read them yet. (not / read)
5.  Have you studied English this week?
*No, work has been busy (be)
*So…I haven’t had the time. (not / have)
6.  Do you know the movie La La Land?
*Actually, I have seen it twice already? (see)
7.  Have you done your homework yet?
*No, I have only finished 2 pages (finish)

Part 1
1.    How long has he lived (he / live) in Nagano for?
2.    My husband hasn’t skied (not skied) since 2012.
3.    I have studied (study) English for 25 years
4.    We haven’t seen (not see) Leo since 2007.
5.    I haven’t eaten (not / eat) lunch yet.
6.    He hasn’t gotten use to (get use to) working at his new job yet.

Part 2
1.            We have lived in this house (since / for) ten years.
2.            We have lived in this house (since / for) 2007.
3.            How (long / much) has Tommy taught here for?
4.            Arisa hasn’t arrived at school (yet / already)
5.            I have worked at this company (since / for) 2003.
6.            Jason hasn't called me (since / for) two weeks.
7.            She has (just / yet) gone to work.
More to come later...

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Adjective Worksheets ~ Let's Go Worksheet

Here are a couple of adjective worksheets for kids....
They are for the 8 adjectives that appear in the  "Let's Go1" textbook...

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Coffee Shop Conversation Questions...

A quick vocabulary check…
            #1 ~ “saikin” ~ recently


1.       What has been happening to the number of foreigners who visit Nagano?
*The number has been increasing.
*The number has been going up
*The number has been rising

Alright and…What do you think?
2.       Why have so many foreigners been coming to Nagano?
              *There are many good ski resorts in Nagano.
              *Many foreigners want to see Zenkoji
              *Nagano has a famous temple
               *Snow monkeys are famous

“~ninki ni natte kiteiru”
*Snow monkeys have been getting popular
*Snow monkeys have gotten famous
*Nagano’s ski resorts have gotten popular
*Nagano’s ski resorts have been getting popular
*Zenkoji has gotten famous

Sounds good…now... At the station...
3.       Where do many foreigners tend to meet their friends?
*They tend to meet at Starbucks.
*They tend to meet friends at Starbucks.

Alright…that…Sounds good…now…
What do you think?
4.       Why do they like to meet at Starbucks?
*The system is the same around the world

*It is internationally famous
*Starbucks is popular all over the world
*Starbucks is in front of the station
*Starbucks has Wi-Fi
*Foreigners are used to Starbucks
*They are familiar with Starbucks coffee

Alright now…
I asked this question last week…but I will ask it again…

5.       Which one do you like better… Starbucks or Tully’s….
*I like _________ better

Sounds good…
And…Why do you like Tully’s better?
        *I like the atmosphere
        *The taste of Tully’s coffee
        *Tully’s tastes better than Starbuck

Why do you like Starbucks better?
         *The coffee is more delicious than Tully’s
         *They have many special coffees
         *It has free Wi-Fi

Sounds good…now...Same Question as Last week...

6.       Are there any Starbucks coffee shops around here?
*Yes, there are

*”Imasu / arimasu”
There are 2 Starbucks around here?
*There is one across from Tokyu department store
*There is one at the station on the 1st floor

The other one….
*The other one is in the station
*The other one is near Tokyu

Alright now…

How about Tully’s Coffee….
7.       Is there a Tully’s coffee shops around here?
*Yes, there are

“Imasu / arimasu”
*There is 1 on the 1st floor of C-one
*There is 1 in Ivy Square
*There is 1 across from Green House
*There is one near Popo park
*There is one in Ivy Square

The other one…
*The other one is on the 2nd floor of Midori
*There is 1 on the 2nd floor of Midori
*The other one is in Midori on the 2nd floor

Alright …Sounds good…now…
Since more students liked Starbucks …
We will take a look at it again….

Now…If I went there …

8.       What do you recommend that I order?
#1 ~ I recommend ________
#2 ~ I recommend that you order __________
I recommend + that + S + GKD

*I recommend today’s special
*I recommend that you order a Starbucks latte

***What is that?  What is it made with?
We can drink a different kind of coffee every day
It’s the coffee that the shop recommends
I don’t like to choose and it’s easy
It is the coffee which the shop recommends that day
Starbucks has a special coffee for different seasons

Sounds good now…
Another quick vocabulary check…
#1 ~ “aji” ~ taste

Alright then…
#2 ~ “gentei menu / gentei shouhin” ~ #1 ~ Taste of the month
                                                                       #2 ~ Special menu
                                                                       #3 ~ A drink which is available for a limited                                                                                   time only

OK….now…If we take a look over here…
9.       What did Starbuck’s recommend last month?
   S + recommend that + S + GKD
*Starbuck’s recommended Chocolatey Banana Cocoa
*Starbuck’s recommended Chocolatey Banana Cocoa last month
There is too much sugar in it

Alright now…What do you think….

10.   How does Chocolatey Banana Cocoa sound?
*It sounds ____________

If we take a look over here…
12.   What did the girl say about the Chocolatey Banana Cocoa?
*It’s no surprise that people say it’s ......
*I’m not surprised that people say it’s ......
*It was no surprise that people said it’s ........

Alright …now…

The season is changing and so…
13.   What has Starbucks done?
*It has changed the taste of month

Sounds good and…
If we take a look…
14.   When did Starbucks change its taste of the month?
*It changed it on February 15th
*It changed it on the 15th of February

Sounds good …now..
Starbucks has changed its taste of the month and..
15.   What does Starbuck’s recommend that you try this month?
S + recommend that + S + GKD
*Starbuck’s recommends that you try Sakura
*Starbuck’s recommends that you try a Sakura Latte

Sounds good…now…
16.   How long has Starbucks been selling Sakura for? (Point)
*It has been selling Sakura for 18 days
*Starbucks has been selling Sakura latte for 2 weeks

Or… How about (Kara?)
17.   How long has Starbucks been selling Sakura for?
*It has been selling Sakura since February 15th.
*It has been selling Sakura since the 15th of February

OK…Sounds good…now…
18.   Have you tried it yet?
*Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.

Sounds good and…how about…
#1 ~ I haven’t either
#2 ~ Neither have I.
#3 ~ Me neither.

Alright now…
19.   How was it?

    Would you like to try the new Sakura Latte?
*Yes, I would. / No, I wouldn’t



23.   “Coffee to yoku au mono wa nan desu ka?”…. question in English, please..
*What goes well with coffee?

                       What do you think?

24.   What goes well with coffee?
*_______ goes well with coffee
*_______ go well with coffee
*Donuts go well with coffee
*A donut goes well with coffee
                  *A cookie goes well with coffee
                  *Cookies go well with coffee

OK…now…here is a tougher question…
                      What do you think?

25.   What WOULD go well with a Sakura Latte?
*Matcha tea would go well with a Sakura Latte?
*Coke would go well with a Sakura Latte.
*A ham and cheese sandwich would go well with a Sakura Latte.
*Bitter sweets would go well with a Sakura Latte
*Black Oolong tea would go well with a Sakura Latte

Alright …now…How about the opposite…
26.   What wouldn’t go well with a Sakura Latte?
*Chocolate wouldn’t go well with a Sakura Latte
*Ice cream wouldn’t go well with a Sakura
*Rice crackers wouldn’t go well with a Sakura Latte…
*A sandwich wouldn’t go well with a Sakura Latte…

Alright that was a few questions from this week's lesson...Study Hard....