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Canadian Voice

Friday, April 29, 2011

This was one of the first advertisements for Canadian Voice.  It was in a number of papers from 2003 ~ 2008.

This is a different add.  It was in Shuukan Nagano in 2005.  Leo sensei is on the left.  I am in the middle. My brother is on the right.

The next one is from 2007.  My brother went back home so it was just Leo and I.

In 2011 Vancouver hosted the winter olympics.  We decided to add that to the add and this time I took a picture with some of my students from Monday night.  I wore a red shirt and we even added a bottle of maple syrup to make it look more "Canadian" .... hahahahahah!  Can you find the maple syrup?

Here is this year's advertisement.  I am looking OLD!  We decided to go with the First Nations look.  So, I took a picture holding a Haida mask.

Well....That's all for now.... It is 2011 and Canadian Voice will be starting its 9th year in Nagano.  We will do our best to make this year even better than ever.  Good luck to all of you with your studies.

I found some old newspapers

This was the first Canadian Voice article that appeared in Shuukan Nagano in 2003.  The picture was taken at the first Canadian Voice.  How do I look?  Young?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The First New Card Game....

The first new card game will be called "After School"....

This is a fast and exciting card game that allows students to have fun while practicing the grammar from Chapter 3 of the Let’s Go 3 textbook!

Students have to rush to get rid of cards by matching daily activities of 12 different people. 

Put together a pair of Ayako Sensei cards.
Combine a couple of Chris cards. 
Match a Miki Card...... The first player out of cards is the winner.

This Game also teaches students:
*Hand-Eye Coordination

The game will be very quick so I think the game will be:
For ages 7 and up
For 2 to 5 students
A total of 60 cards
And the playing time: 15 minutes or less

First Canadian Voice Blog ~ Golden Week 2011

Canadian Voice's Golden Week will be from April 29 ~ May 5.  We are looking forward to enjoying a week off.

During the holiday I am hoping to:

1)  Create a few more games for the kids classes.

2)  Work on the Elliot Story ~ Week 8

3)  Work on the New Cartoon Story