Canadian Voice

Canadian Voice

Friday, August 11, 2017

New Games for Canadian Voice...Wani Wani Panic!!

Wani Wani Panic

Recently, I have been looking for... 
#1 ~ good games to make classes even more fun...
#2 ~ games that would work well to help teach certain grammar
#3 ~ games that young kids (3-5 years old) can play in class.

Found this game on an auction site and I was planning on using it with the younger kids.
I thought it was a little bit expensive but I bought it anyway.
As soon as it arrived I popped in my batteries, turned it on and was shocked to see nothing happen.
It is completely dead... Good-bye 5,000 yen...?
Well...There is still a bit of hope...
I am going to take it to the "Omocha Byouin" (Toy hospital) next month and see if they can fix it for me.
Keeping my fingers crossed.