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Canadian Voice

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Welcome back to Canadian Voice...
It was a very enjoyable and relaxing Golden Week is time to get back to studying...
This week will continue to take a look at Premium Fridays, talk about Nokia and see why Shimura's family is angry with him...

Here are a few notes from next week's Premium Friday Story...
1.  What does Nokia specialize in?
*It specializes in cellular phones.
*It specializes in making cellular phones
Alright now….
2.  Where is Nokia’s head office?
*It is in Finland

Sounds good now… 
1. Where in Finland is Nokia’s head office?
*The head office of Nokia is in Helsinki

Alright …Sounds good now….
How about number 2….
2.  Europe is one of the company’s major markets
3.  Sales in China are very high
4.  Ericsson is one of the main competitors
5. They have factories in ten different countries
6.  The company has more than 50,000 employees in the world.
7.  The Nokia 9100 is a very successful product
8.  Nokia has customers in at least 130 countries.

Sounds good now…
Last time…
When the boss of Nokia told the workers to go home, most of the workers except Shimura….
sounded happy...
3.  How did Shimura sound?
*He sounded …..
*He sounded sad
*He sounded exhausted
*He sounded disappointed

(Change picture #19 & #20)
#2 ~ “ochikondeiru”
*He sounded depressed
*He sounded down
*He sounded blue

(Change picture #21)
#1 ~ “gakkari shiteiru” ~ disappointed

Sounds good…and…
(Change picture #22)
While Shimura was sitting at his desk…
      4.  What was he thinking about?
*He was thinking about last night
*He was thinking about something that happened last night

OK…and if we take a look…
5.  Why doesn’t Shimura want to go home early?
*Because his family is irritated with him.
*Because his family is annoyed with him.

(Change picture #26)
We had a newer one…
6. Why doesn’t he want to go home?
*Because his family is disgusted with him
#1 ~ “kimochi ga warui” ~ disgusting
#2 ~ “mukatsuiteiru” ~ disgusted

Sounds good now…
If we take a look back to LAST NIGHT 
 (Change video #30)
What did Shimura’s wife say…
       7. What has he been looking forward to?(0:00~0:05)
                Look forward to + doushi + ing
                Look forward to + O + doushi + ing
*He has been looking forward to seeing his daughter
*He has been looking forward to his daughter coming back home

Alright now…
How about you…
      8.What are you looking forward to?
*I’m looking forward to____________

Sounds good…now…
We go back to Shimura and..
9.   How long has he been looking forward to her coming back?
*He has been looking forward to it for a few days.
*He has been looking forward to her coming back since a few days ago
*He has been looking forward to her coming back since several days before

Sounds good but…
      10.  When Shimura heard that…(0:05~0:09)
What did he pretend?
Pretend + to + doushi
Pretend + not + to + doushi
*He pretend not to be glad
*He pretended that he didn’t care
*He pretended that he wasn’t looking forward to her coming back home
*He pretended that he really wasn’t looking forward to ..

Alright and…
Why did he pretend not to care and…say “not really”
       11.  How did he feel?(0:05~0:09) (hazukashi)
*He felt embarrassed

And if Shimura was embarrassed…
How was it?  (hazukashiku saseru koto datta)
*It was embarrassing

Sounds good …now…While they were talking…
(Change video #32)
      12.  What will Shimura’s daughter notice? (0:00~0:02)
*She will notice that he changed his phone
*She will notice Shimura changed to a smart phone
*She will notice that he has a smart phone
*She will notice he changed his phone to a smart phone.
*She will notice that he changed his phone

More to come in class...
Don't want to give you too many spoilers....
Study hard and see you next week...