Canadian Voice

Canadian Voice

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blood Types ~ Week 23

This week we will use:

1.    Shimura Video
2.    Worksheets
a.    Asking for Things on a plane ~ Page 1 & 2
b.    Thanking others
c.     Checking-in
d.    Transcript ~ Shimura Check-in
Well...This week we will continue our story about Shimura on the airplane. 
He is heading to Sapporo. 
He is getting more and more bored and so he can't stop bothering the girl next to him.

Grammar Notes for this week...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blood Types Week 22...Shimura on a plane!

This week...We will be using and studying...

1.   Talk Time 2 Textbook ~ Page 55-56 / Unit 10
2.    Shimura Video
3.    Worksheet part 1 & 2 ~ "Passport, please."
4.    CD ~ Listening ~ "Passport, please"
This week... We will continue studying travel English....Shimura is going to go to Sapporo by plane.
During the flight he bothers a young girl many times...and he asks her 1,000,000 questions.

From his questions we will be able to look at:
1. apologizing
2. requests

We will also be taking a look at the aiport...
1. travel vocabulary
2. How to check-in at the airport.

Good Luck with your studies this week...
It's almost 2 am....So I have to start working on some other things for tomorrow....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blood Types 21 ~ BEAN Part 2

This week we will use:

1.    Talk Time 2 Textbook ~ Page 55-56 / Unit 10
2.    Mr. Bean Video
3.    Talk Time 2 ~ Unit 10 ~ Changing Money ~ CD Story 2
4.    Real Listening and Speaking ~ Changing Money ~ Practice
We have lots to do this week...So I hope that you all are ready...

1. We will continue our story and watch Bean finishing packing his suitcase
2. We will practice changing money at the bank..
3. We will review a lot of old vocabulary & grammar points in this story

Well...There you go...These notes should help you all....Good Luck...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Elliot...Week 27...

This week:
1.  Elliot will meet a bear in the forest and the raccoon will have the bear attack Elliot.

2.  We will talk about .... How to survive a bear attack .... So if you have time, please think about it.

3.  We will also start to talk about good luck and bad luck.  We will hear a story a girl named Betty who thinks she has won 1,000,000 dollars in the lottery but has lost her lottery ticket....

Well...The Elliot story continues...And for the 1st time in a long time I had a request for notes...So...I have made some notes...
And here they are:

Good Luck....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Blood Types...Week 20

Well...Here is this week's lesson...we will take a look at this clip of Mr. Bean....He is getting ready to go on a vacation.... He has already prepared many things for his trip but he still has to pack his suitcase. This lesson is full of vocabulary and grammar review...It will help everyone get ready for the next sections....Good Luck!  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

英検~2012 Canadian Voice

Congratulations to all our students...

This time EVERYBODY who took Eiken at Canadian Voice passed. 

I am proud of all our students.....
These students worked very hard learning how to SPEAK English and COMMUNICATE with others...

These students DIDN'T TAKE any SPECIAL えいけん classes....
They only come to Canadian Voice ONE time a week and took REGULAR lessons...
They did their writing and reading homework AT HOME.

Now...The students who study here at Canadian Voice can SPEAK English very well...and their listening is EXCELLENT....Take a look...

This girl is in Grade 6 of elementary school...and she is a private lesson student and she comes only once a week.  She studied very hard.

In class she always brings 2 notebooks.  In 1 notebook she writes down new words that she should remember and in the other she writes grammar notes and sentences

She took the 英検二級。。。and...she got 100% on the listening section and she passed the test...Way to go!


Another student is in Grade 1 of junior high school...She studied very hard, too.
Take a look...

She got 100% on her listening section as well.

So I ask you....Why do students have to study grammar and writing everyday to pass these tests?  They should be learning how to speak, listen and communicate with others.

In JAPAN students:
Try to read to learn before they learn how to read...
Then the students:
Try to speak but they haven't learned how to...

So many Japanese students can't speak English...

In Canada we believe that students should:
Learn to speak and then speak to learn more....
Then the students should:
Learn to read and then read to learn more....

So many Canadian students and students at Canadian Voice CAN speak English...

Enjoy speaking in English....Enjoy listening to English....Just....Enjoy English....
Use it at work ... Use it at home...Use it with your kids....

Don't be shy & Good luck!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blood Types 19...

Blood Types ~ Week 19

We will use:

1.    Talk Time 2 Textbook ~ Page 55-56 / Unit 10
2.    Koigata ~ Travel
This week we will go back to Hiroyuki and Misaki.  They are getting ready to go on their first vacation together...

Let's see how A-type and O-type match ....

Good Luck...