Canadian Voice

Canadian Voice

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blood Types 12....

Blood Types ~ Week 12 ~Kokuhaku

We will use:
1.       New Interchange Blue Text ~ Chapter 5 ~ Going Places…

2.       Insurance Commercial ~ Picnic

Here is this week's lesson... It will be a part of the blood types lesson...We will review a lot of prepositions and grammar points and study a few more new things before we move into the next lessons.  Study hard.  Good Luck!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hanafuda at Canadian Voice in 2006 with Idioms ....

In 2006 I made a bunch of Hanafuda cards with English and Japanese idioms on them.
As students played the cards they looked at the Japanese idiom and tried to give the correct idiom in English. 
I think we played this game only a couple of times and then we never played it again. 
But...Even though the card game was never played again, we continue to use a number of the idioms from the game in class. 

How many of the idioms do you know?

Well, take a look...You will notice that the pictures of the cat and rabbit were very different, too. 
When I look at them now...I think that they look strange.

Maybe sometime I will post the colour versions, too....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welcome all new students...2012

I would just like to say "Welcome" to all of our new students who joined us in 2012.  We have been lucky again to get a lot of nice people who are fitting into the classes nicely.  Hope that you will all do your best this year and in the years to come.

If you have any questions...Don't be afraid to ask myself or Ayako...
To all my new students who want to take TOEIC...Good luck with your studies...and this year...Let's get your scores UP!

Elliot ... Week 17...

And the story continues...

This week we will see Elliot head to his meeting in his wife's pink sweatsuit.
When he get's to the airport to meet his boss, he will have to give some excuses so that he doesn't have to get on the airplane.
The raccoon has a couple of new surprises for him....Come and see what will happen.

We will also see and use some new grammar "I suggest that you do" from the Cambridge Intermediate Grammar in Use" Page 64

If you keep trying and don't give up...Your listening will improve....

Good Luck with your studies...

Golden Week is COMING!!

I hope that you all have a safe and happy holiday.  Relax, enjoy the holiday and don't forget to study lot of English!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blood Types Week 10...

This week....We will use:

1.       Blood types ~ Koigata ~ Video 4

2.       Himura ~ Gokon 5

Well...Here are the notes for week 10...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blood Types ~ Week 9

We will use:

1.       Blood types ~ Koigata ~ Video 4

2.       New Interchange Text ~ Chapter 1 ~ Asking about someone

3.       Himura ~ Gokon 4

Well... Here are the new notes for Week 9.  Hope that you all will study hard....
This week...Hiroyuki will tell take Misaki to the park and ask her if she has a boyfriend or not.
In the textbook, Sarah will ask Tom about Paulo.
In the gokon party, Himura will ask the girls questions and Kasuga will send an interesting mail...
 Study hard everyone!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hockey playoffs are coming....GO CANUCKS!

Hockey is one of 2 of Canada’s national sports and the most popular spectator (かんきゃく) sport in the country.  It is also the sport most played by Canadians, with 1.65 million participants (さんかしゃ) reported in 2004.  

7 cities in Canada have teams in the National Hockey League (NHL), they are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. 

Vancouver’s team is called the Vancouver Canucks.  And they play at the Roger's Arena downtown.

And…Since my hometown is Vancouver, I have been a Canuck’s fan since I was in elementary school.  When I was young, I used to love to listen to the games on the radio while I did my homework.

After I came to Japan, I really missed hockey.  I could only watch 1 game a year … usually when I went back home to Vancouver at Christmas time.

But now… I can follow the games on the internet and the playoffs are about to begin.  I am really looking forward to watching them... Vancouver will play Los Angeles in the 1st round. 



This is Kazuma...He is a 5-year-old Canadian Voice student.  He is very cute and very smart.
He has worked very hard studying at school and at home with his mom to pass this test.

His mom understands the importance of studying with her

In January he passed 絵権 4級。。。Congratulations! 
I am very proud of you both....Kazuma and Chiyo (mom)

Study hard stop....英検 3級。。。

But...don't forget ...Speaking and listening are the most important skills to be learned....

The most important test of your English skill is when you have to use it in real life... not just with a paper and pencil....

I'm sure that in the future Kazuma will develop the required skills to be a very good English speaker.


Elliot ~ Week 15....

Week 15 will be a BUSY week ....
We will have a lot of things to do.
a.  We will continue the Elliot story
b. We will look at a conversation at a doctor's office
c. We will review New Interchange Book 2 ~ Chapter 7 ~ What's this for.
d. We will review New Inerchange Book 2 ~ Chapter 6 ~ Apologies
e.  We will talk about skunks and how they can spray people...GROSS!

Here are some notes from this week's Elliot lesson...These are getting harder and harder to make....
I am just getting old?!

Let's enjoy this week's lessons...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Blood Types Week 8

Here we go...

This week...We will use:

a. Blood types ~ Koigata
b. New Interchange Text ~ Chapter 3 ~ Shopping
c. Game ~ Jaws ~ Adjective Game
This week...We will finish the shopping section and play a game using adjectives and "比較級"...
Next week...We Hiroyuki will "こくはくする" profess his love to Misaki....and they will become boyfriend and girlfriend...

See you in class....!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

**Blood Types ~ Week 7**

This week...We will use:

                    a.    Blood types ~ "Koigata"

b.    Gokon ~ With Himura

c.     New Interchange Text ~ Chapter 1 ~ Introducing Someone

OUCH!...My back hurts....