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Canadian Voice

Friday, March 30, 2018

Wish vs Hope / Feeling Verbs

This week we are going to take a look at Hooper's 5th and 6th wishes.

       In this week's lesson, Hooper is worried about his weight.
       He is getting fatter and fatter because:  (doushi + doushi + ing, please)
#1 ~ “suki” ~ *He likes drinking beer
#2 ~ “daisuki” ~ *He loves drinking beer
#3 ~ “konomu” ~ *He prefers drinking beer
#4 ~ “tanoshimu” ~ *He enjoys drinking beer

Alright now…
Hooper's friends will recommend that he try low-calorie beer but...
#1 ~ “suki ja nai” ~ *He doesn’t like drinking this kind of beer
#2 ~ “kirai” ~ *He hates drinking this kind of beer
#3 ~ “gaman dekinai” ~ *He can’t stand drinking this kind of beer

And so...
Hooper wishes he could change his appearance

*He wishes he could lose weight
*He wishes he could lose some weight

And...For the next few weeks will also take a look at:

 #1 ~ How to lose weight

Vocabulary List...

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